Glamour Obsession: Chic Maternity Style

Today I am guest posting over on La Dolce Vita!  Stop on by and check out my take on maternity style!  Oh by the way, I've got a little one on the way!  More on that to come!


a lovely being said...

what a great post! I loved it. PS - is that you above?! Whoever it is, is adorable :)

x fallon

PierceValentine said...

This is great!

PierceValentine said...

awesome obsession!

Erica said...


Paula said...

Hi Vanessa!

You have created a fabulous roundup, I love MANY of those images myself!

Congratulations on your new pregnancy!! How exciting. If you haven't already, and for any other fab expectant mama out there, visit our site http://www.treschicmama.com for all the inspiration you'll ever need, plus shopping guides for a chic pregnancy wardrobe!

Hope you like it!

xoxo, Paula

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