Glamour Obsession: Abstract Art

Today I am guest posting over on La Dolce Vita, read more about it here!!!  I'm also moving today and the movers will be here shortly.  I am a little sad and nostalgic, but very excited to be moving to a bigger place with more room for the 3 of us.  So many life changing events took place at this apartment on Montana and Bundy in Brentwood.  Getting engaged, starting this blog, getting laid off, getting married, finding a new career I love, getting pregnant, having a baby, going back to work, balancing work with motherhood, and of course entertaining and throwing lots of parties.  This place was really good to us, but it's time to move on and close this chapter of my life and all this change makes me really excited.  It's been so incredibly busy that my blogging has taken a backseat in my life, but I know I will have many new redecorating projects to keep me inspired and I hope you continue to read along and leave your little comments that make me so happy to read!     
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