All That Glitters is Gold

{can i own this dress please?}
I'm still having a gold moment, totally and utterly obsessed with it!  I think everything should be covered in gold!  Let's all wear more gold!  Here's how to rock it...
 Gold stacked bangles
 Chains galore with denim and white tee = super hot!
 I want this made into wallpaper for an entryway, it's totally gaudy, but who cares???  
 I've been searching for a gold etagere like this one to display books, absolutely stunning!
 Daily jewelry with lots of layers
 Straight outta Studio 54
Gold Sequins make me so happy
 Green and gold is my current fave!  Gold contrasts so well with green.
Someone left their glitter slipper...you party animal you!


Barbra said...

OMG. I love it so much!!

Anonymous said...

Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Gaudy wallpaper!



Kristen Tcherneshoff Photography said...


What designer makes the first dress at the top that you posted? I absolutely LOVE it!!

hundresses said...

Lovely post!

Humza Shahid said...

nice and unique wallpapers and pictures woww...

hamza shahid said...

looks good khudamulquran.com

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