Oh Olivia

Girls got so much style!  Here's to a wonderful week ahead!


All That Glitters is Gold

{can i own this dress please?}
I'm still having a gold moment, totally and utterly obsessed with it!  I think everything should be covered in gold!  Let's all wear more gold!  Here's how to rock it...
 Gold stacked bangles
 Chains galore with denim and white tee = super hot!
 I want this made into wallpaper for an entryway, it's totally gaudy, but who cares???  
 I've been searching for a gold etagere like this one to display books, absolutely stunning!
 Daily jewelry with lots of layers
 Straight outta Studio 54
Gold Sequins make me so happy
 Green and gold is my current fave!  Gold contrasts so well with green.
Someone left their glitter slipper...you party animal you!



Hello again!  I know it's been a while since I last posted and well, I've been busy!  The holidays were lovely and I really enjoyed the time off the map, unplugged from the iphone, and taking a little break from my day job.  Nothing beats spending good quality time with my baby boy and of course, my husband.  But now, it's back to reality, the traffic has gotten heavier, and it's time to get focussed.  2011 was a year of transitions, personally and professionally, and I'm confident 2012 will be filled with inevitable unknown changes yet to come.  I find it really exciting not knowing what the future holds, and I love change.  Without it, we become stagnant, think we own the world, and therefore, can not progress.
{God, I want that couch, zebra rug, furry blanket, and dark espresso floors!}

So here's what's on my mind...we are currently looking to move soon (a good change) and I just finished reading Celerie Kemble's Black and White over the holidays.  I've decided that my new place is going to adhere to a strict color palette of black and white with lots of neutrals mixed in for good measure.  In the process, I've been sourcing rugs and furniture and here are a few pieces that are on my inspiration board.     
 I love the way white piping contrasts against the black fabric.  I have a pair of chairs that I have my eye on that I want to recover just like this!  How stunning would a custom monogram look on these??!!
 A houndstooth chair is a must!  It's so British and gentlemanly, yet playful at the same time.  Love a good houndstooth print!
I've been searching on Craigslist relentlessly to find the perfect pair of wing back chairs to recover in this large chevron print.  I'm going to sell my current round dining table and buy a rustic farmhouse table that expands to fit 10 people and I want these to flank both ends of the table!  
I just stumbled across this rug last night while flipping through the Crate and Barrel catalog and I love it! I've found rugs like this online, but you can't beat the price point of this one!  Here are a few more images of it from the catalog...

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