Recent Art Purchase

I love Etsy and thank god for Pinterest and Social Media because things I would never  have discovered on my own are so easily accessed through the internet and the online design community.  I can't recall where I first saw this print, but I immediately fell in love.  After keeping it in my favorites I decided to pull the trigger when the owner, Sarah Hendrix, listed a few for sale half off due to minor scratches in the print.  Barely visible, the print is perfect.

I finally got mine framed and hung on the wall yesterday and I love it!!!  Since the size was a bit odd I had to have Aaron Brothers in Santa Monica trim it down a tad to fit into the frame.  
 What do you think?


Chevron or Stripes?

I received 2 wing back chairs (for free!!) and I am sending them off to the upholsterer to be recovered.  I keep going back and forth trying to decide on a fabric for them.  Do you like the large scale chevron or is it too trendy and will go out of style quickly?
Or do I go with a classic black and white cabana stripe, in outdoor fabric, that is easy to clean if the kids spill on the chairs???  I can't decide, I really love both options, but would love to hear from you!!!


Glamour Obsession: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Merlot

Hi Everyone!!!  Today I am guest posting over on Paloma's La Dolce Vita blog!!!  Be sure to check out my post here! 

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The Baby Diaries Part 2: Barron + Serena's Nursery

 Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!  I hope you are enjoying the time off and soaking up the end of the Summer sun!  I've managed to spend most of my weekend in doors, enjoying the AC and laying around relaxing.  Just when I think I have the energy to do something, all I want to do is lay down again.  I'm a complete bum with a huge belly and officially over being pregnant!  I'm still working and plan on doing so till I give birth, which is probably stupid because I get even more exhausted but it keeps me busy and I like the company of my co-workers all day.  I have managed to get a few things done, like decorate the nursery Barron will be sharing with his Sissy (I have packed my hospital bag in case I do go into labor sooner than I expect!)  
 I wanted their room to be very calming and relaxing when we're in there.  I chose Behr's Dolphin Fin as the wall color.  It's seriously a gorgeous color and if I knew how to properly work my Canon EOS camera you could get a better idea of it, but I don't, so take my word, this color is gorgeous!  It's definitely on the lighter side, which I wanted.  Since Barron hasn't transitioned out of his crib yet, I haven't put the bumper pads or dust ruffle on yet, so it's lacking a bit of color there, but you get the idea.
I still have 2 silver picture frames to hang over the crib, one is Barron's birth announcement and once this little girl gets here, hers is going up on the wall too!  
 I made the changing table area for little Sissy.  All her clothes (and I mean all the drawers are packed with her clothes!) are stored here as well as diapers and supplies you need when changing diapers.  I gave in and ordered on Amazon some stupidly expensive diaper pail system since I will now be changing 2 kids' diapers and figured the plastic ghetto grocery bag method I've been using wasn't going to cut it anymore.
 Here's my solution to a glider or rocker...Ikea's Poang Chair in Black/Brown with a Granan White cushion.  First, the thing is cost effective at about $150 all in, second it bounces, and third it's really comfy!  I just couldn't justify spending $600 on a glider that I wasn't going to use that long.  I found this ottoman at a local thrift shop and the thing was totally beat down.  It was $20 out the door and I had my mom give it some tender loving care to bring it back to life!  I found this flamingo fabric at F&S and knew I wanted to use it somewhere in the nursery.  It brought in some coral pink without making the room too girly, so it works for both kids.  The gray leopard pillow I found online at C. Wonder  for about $30 for 2!   
I sadly had to move my white Expedit from my office and switched it with the 4x4 black/brown model that was in here before for more space.  It creates so much storage and the framed art is Barron's first piece that I bid on at his little art auction at daycare!  Kids art is my favorite thing and framed with a nice white matte makes it look even more special.    
 I created a little nook for Sissy's little shoes and growing hair bow collection!
 After countless hours on Pinterest, I was inspired to create a book wall for Barron.  I found these picture ledges at Ikea that were super easy to hang.  I love all the colors the books bring into the room and he can grab a book and we can hang out and read.  
 The chevron pillow was a Home Goods purchase...
I bought the blanket on the bed at Pottery Barn and had Barron's name monogrammed on it, and they don't carry it anymore, which I am super bummed about because I wanted to get a matching one for Sissy, but now I'm looking elsewhere.  The toddler bed was purchased online from Amazon, it's the Davinci Modena model.  It was a pain to put together but it uses a crib mattress and sheets, so it's a nice transition for now.

There are a few more things I want to add like a rug and some colorful pillows, but for now, we are good to go and I'm just glad that I was able to get it done!!!  Now I can relax....

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Glamour Obsession: Brunette for Fall

Today I'm guest posting over on Paloma's La Dolce Vita!  Be sure to check it out if you are looking for a little inspiration to make yourself over this Fall!!!

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The Baby Diaries Part 2: Girl Names

I'm going on 35 weeks pregnant and it seems like it can't go fast enough!!!  I'm so sick of being sick, tired, nauseous, uncomfortable, and totally not like myself!  I swear this pregnancy with the little girl has been dramatically different than with my son and I want to meet her already!  We're pretty set on a name, but we keep going back and forth and I am torn because there are so many girl names I love.  Here are my favorites, which ones are yours???

Top 50 Baby Girl Names
Alexandra (Alexa, Alexis)
Lexington (Lexi)
Nicholai (Nicky)
Philippa (Pippa)


My Favorite Room: Before and After

 In cased you missed my guest post over on La Dolce Vita, here's a before photo of my office...
...and here's my office after!!!  Check out my post here for more pictures, information on my design process, and list of resources!  Enjoy!


In Case You Missed It...

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Glamour Obsession: Chic Maternity Style

Today I am guest posting over on La Dolce Vita!  Stop on by and check out my take on maternity style!  Oh by the way, I've got a little one on the way!  More on that to come!


Glamour Obsession: Classic Timepieces

Today I'm guest posting over on La Dolce Vita!  Stop on by and say hello here!  It's been far too long since we've chatted so please forgive me...



The Pink Bunny

Just when you think you've seen it all, you really haven't till you've seen the Pink Bunny entertaining all the pretty girls and boys of the hottest parties.  You can't miss him hoping around the DJ booth poolside at Wet Republic or Drai's Hollywood.  

Happy Easter Kids!!!


Glamour Obsession: Abstract Art

Today I am guest posting over on La Dolce Vita, read more about it here!!!  I'm also moving today and the movers will be here shortly.  I am a little sad and nostalgic, but very excited to be moving to a bigger place with more room for the 3 of us.  So many life changing events took place at this apartment on Montana and Bundy in Brentwood.  Getting engaged, starting this blog, getting laid off, getting married, finding a new career I love, getting pregnant, having a baby, going back to work, balancing work with motherhood, and of course entertaining and throwing lots of parties.  This place was really good to us, but it's time to move on and close this chapter of my life and all this change makes me really excited.  It's been so incredibly busy that my blogging has taken a backseat in my life, but I know I will have many new redecorating projects to keep me inspired and I hope you continue to read along and leave your little comments that make me so happy to read!     


Glamour Obsession: Neon

I'm currently obsessed with all things neon and bright so read more about it here today on La Dolce Vita!!!  I love to hear from you so leave a little comment too!  


Oh Olivia

Girls got so much style!  Here's to a wonderful week ahead!


All That Glitters is Gold

{can i own this dress please?}
I'm still having a gold moment, totally and utterly obsessed with it!  I think everything should be covered in gold!  Let's all wear more gold!  Here's how to rock it...
 Gold stacked bangles
 Chains galore with denim and white tee = super hot!
 I want this made into wallpaper for an entryway, it's totally gaudy, but who cares???  
 I've been searching for a gold etagere like this one to display books, absolutely stunning!
 Daily jewelry with lots of layers
 Straight outta Studio 54
Gold Sequins make me so happy
 Green and gold is my current fave!  Gold contrasts so well with green.
Someone left their glitter slipper...you party animal you!



Hello again!  I know it's been a while since I last posted and well, I've been busy!  The holidays were lovely and I really enjoyed the time off the map, unplugged from the iphone, and taking a little break from my day job.  Nothing beats spending good quality time with my baby boy and of course, my husband.  But now, it's back to reality, the traffic has gotten heavier, and it's time to get focussed.  2011 was a year of transitions, personally and professionally, and I'm confident 2012 will be filled with inevitable unknown changes yet to come.  I find it really exciting not knowing what the future holds, and I love change.  Without it, we become stagnant, think we own the world, and therefore, can not progress.
{God, I want that couch, zebra rug, furry blanket, and dark espresso floors!}

So here's what's on my mind...we are currently looking to move soon (a good change) and I just finished reading Celerie Kemble's Black and White over the holidays.  I've decided that my new place is going to adhere to a strict color palette of black and white with lots of neutrals mixed in for good measure.  In the process, I've been sourcing rugs and furniture and here are a few pieces that are on my inspiration board.     
 I love the way white piping contrasts against the black fabric.  I have a pair of chairs that I have my eye on that I want to recover just like this!  How stunning would a custom monogram look on these??!!
 A houndstooth chair is a must!  It's so British and gentlemanly, yet playful at the same time.  Love a good houndstooth print!
I've been searching on Craigslist relentlessly to find the perfect pair of wing back chairs to recover in this large chevron print.  I'm going to sell my current round dining table and buy a rustic farmhouse table that expands to fit 10 people and I want these to flank both ends of the table!  
I just stumbled across this rug last night while flipping through the Crate and Barrel catalog and I love it! I've found rugs like this online, but you can't beat the price point of this one!  Here are a few more images of it from the catalog...

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