iPhone Cases

I recently upgraded my boring black iPhone case while passing through Nordstrom a few weeks ago.  Although I believe spending $40 bucks on plastic is a total waste, I was suckered by the unexpectedly cool design I decided to purchase (read more to see what I bought)!  Then I started cruising the internet and found these styles from Iomoi that I am absolutely in love with!     
I totally want this one with the leopard and gold crest.  Love the pink and orange color combo too!
...and here's the Rebecca Minkoff style that I bought!  I totally love the snow leopard print that reminds me so much of my favorite fabric by Hinson.
Any of these would make great little stocking stuffers!!!

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{COZAMIA} said...

I have been seeing so many nice iphone cases everywhere it seems, I love these too! its so hard to choose, great choice on the leopard print :)

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