Dior Suite

Everything about The Dior Suite at The St. Regis is perfect.  The light gray, cream, and gold touches has me dreaming of a light and airy place to rest my head.  As you may not know, I have a love affair for all things French and this room is my idea of heaven.  

Don't you want to just move in???


iPhone Cases

I recently upgraded my boring black iPhone case while passing through Nordstrom a few weeks ago.  Although I believe spending $40 bucks on plastic is a total waste, I was suckered by the unexpectedly cool design I decided to purchase (read more to see what I bought)!  Then I started cruising the internet and found these styles from Iomoi that I am absolutely in love with!     
I totally want this one with the leopard and gold crest.  Love the pink and orange color combo too!
...and here's the Rebecca Minkoff style that I bought!  I totally love the snow leopard print that reminds me so much of my favorite fabric by Hinson.
Any of these would make great little stocking stuffers!!!


Glamour Obsession: French, Do It, Better

In case you missed my guest post over at LDV, check it out here!   
French really do, do it better!  Can I please own this little Vespa and cruise off into the city??!! 


Glamour Obsession: Bohemian Chic

Hey Everyone!  Blogging hasn't been on the top of my list these days since my day job and motherhood has literally eaten me alive!  It's all good though because business is booming and I'm super duper busy finding creatives jobs, which I love!  I'm contributing regularly over on Paloma's blog La Dolce Vita, so be sure to check out my post today about all things bohemian and glamorous!  See you there!!!
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