Rebirth of Cool: Saucy Glossie

I love fashion bloggers.  I stumbled upon Lindsey Calla's blog Saucy Glossie last summer while pregnant and was so inspired by all her adorable fashion ensembles that I couldn't wait to recreate them!
Well, a few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to see Lindsey on TV as the spokesperson for TJ MAXX!  How cool is that??!!  It really goes to show that regular individuals can have such a huge impact on advertising.
I will admit, that when I see Lindsey pair super cute wide legged pants from New York and Company on her blog, I actually do go into the stores to find the same exact items to create looks at more affordable prices.
I'm also curious to step inside a TJ MAXX to find affordable name brand pieces at lower prices, thanks to Lindsey.  So great job Lindsey and TJ Maxx for a really well executed ad campaign!  I'm pretty much sold and will definitely be stopping by some stores this Fall!

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design elements said...

beautiful! happy weekend

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