Glamour Obsession: American Glamour by Ralph Lauren

In case you didn't know, I have joined the La Dolce Vita team as a regular contributor for the next few months!!!  My series titled"Glamour Obsession" will explore all things glamorous: interiors, fashion, people, and places.  The first post went live today so be sure to check it out, leave a little love note, and say hello!  See you there!!!


Thirsty Thursdays: Tea and Leaves

I love the smell of crisp leaves in the Fall...I'll drink a cup of tea to that!  


Restoration Hardware: The Gallery

I miss West Hollywood (at times).  Back in the days when I worked at the PDC I used to walk down Robertson to the shops on Beverly Blvd. and just hang.  I rarely make it east past Beverly Glen these days since I work in Westwood.  So when I got the mega heavy new Restoration Hardware catalog for The Gallery, I was intrigued.... 
Once the flagship location for Williams Sonoma Home, the property has been converted into a one-stop shopping mecca for all things Home.  The back parking lot is now a stunning garden complete with hanging chandeliers.
Inside there are fabrics, paints, accessories, bedding, and furniture galore.  The dark gray and neutral palette seriously has me swooning!  
 There's an organic tea salon...
 and a fresh floral boutique...
 ...and of course, tons of beautiful pieces of furniture perfectly styled.
 This is by far my favorite room.  I'll take the giant chandelier and tufted sofas.  I seriously am eyeing the tufted Chesterfield.  
 ...and don't forget their bedding.  
I love the simple and clean lines of the sheets and duvets.  It's not fussy or prissy, and definitely has enough masculinity to balance the feminine lines of the furniture.  I am drooling over this bed.  I will definitely be making the trek over to WeHo soon to have a look for myself.


Must Have for Fall: Max Mara Coat

Nothing says hello to Fall better than the understated and luxurious classic Max Mara camel coat.  
My favorite color combo of the season is black and tan (or camel and gold).  The rich honey tone looks good on blondes and brunettes and complements any color combination.    
I especially love it paired down with soft gray, navy, and dark brown, or glammed up with bright reds, pinks, and leopard accents.  Thrown over a pair of winter white slacks and turtle neck is absolutely stunning!
If you're going to invest in one piece this season, a coat with clean lines and understated color will carry you through season after season.  Choose shoes, purses, and accessories in bolder colors and patterns to
give your look a kick!  The October 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar featured these 3 stylish ladies wearing the same coat in 3 different ways.
...And here's how I would personally rock the look...
...lots of black leather, tortoise accents, gold, gold, and more gold, white chunky cable knit sweaters, leopard, red croc, and of course, don't forget the adorable Viszla doggy with the matching coat!
fall trends
Images via Harpers Bazaar October 2011 and Polyvore


Rebirth of Cool: Saucy Glossie

I love fashion bloggers.  I stumbled upon Lindsey Calla's blog Saucy Glossie last summer while pregnant and was so inspired by all her adorable fashion ensembles that I couldn't wait to recreate them!
Well, a few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to see Lindsey on TV as the spokesperson for TJ MAXX!  How cool is that??!!  It really goes to show that regular individuals can have such a huge impact on advertising.
I will admit, that when I see Lindsey pair super cute wide legged pants from New York and Company on her blog, I actually do go into the stores to find the same exact items to create looks at more affordable prices.
I'm also curious to step inside a TJ MAXX to find affordable name brand pieces at lower prices, thanks to Lindsey.  So great job Lindsey and TJ Maxx for a really well executed ad campaign!  I'm pretty much sold and will definitely be stopping by some stores this Fall!


In My 'Hood

I've been meaning to write about Chris Barrett's Brentwood home that was on the cover of House Beautiful this summer, and here we are in Fall now and I figured, better late than never.  So here's the deal:  I about died when I saw this cover!  I walk by this house every time I take little Barron on our neighborhood walks (there's an adorable little 1200 sq. ft colonial style with a white picket fence on the same street listed for just under a million$ that I've had my eye on all summer).  So when I saw that front door with those crawling flowers I knew exactly which house was hers!
It got me thinking that I would love to live in a cozy little house, that was perfectly mapped out with little nooks to curl up in and read.  Everything has it's place and there's definitely no place for clutter and crap when you live in 1000 sq. ft, which I like.  I love a dining room that has built ins and lots of books.  It just creates conversation and thoughts and who doesn't love a banquette like the one above???
I love the dark rich woods and lots of white!  The perfect balance of texture and clean lines.  I would love to just lay here, light the fire and drink wine.
The kitchen is my favorite part by far!  The floor to ceiling subway tiles, white marble and dark cabinets are so homey.  Don't you just want to pick some oranges from the trees outside and juice them??  This is the California I love and this kitchen is the epitome of casual, healthy living that we love in California.
I love the open shelves with everything easily at hand.  I adore a white kitchen but this one makes me remember why I love dark rich woods as well.  There's something so earthy about this kitchen that feels really comfortable, yet refined and sophisticated at the same time.  It's romantic and I like that.
 White tufted bed and white sheets is perfection.

Dining al fresco year round with the cool breezes floating off the Pacific is what makes this whole picture perfect.  I can't describe to you how beautiful this neighborhood smells in the summer and winter.    There are fruit trees in everyone's yards, gardenias and night jasmines blooming, and the sun shines year round.  
The temperature rarely gets above 82 degrees and under 60, which (to me) perfectly justifies the million dollar plus price tag it costs to live in this adorable neighborhood.    

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