This Fall

I want to sport this look.  I am head over heels for tans and grays,  cozy neutral colors, and wide legged pants.   This outfit becomes a lot less intimidating, yet unbelievably casual and glamourous with the mix of neutrals and of course topped off with fur (or faux fur for my budget)!
Big chunky cowl neck camel sweater, with big gold watch, lots of chain bracelets, and brown leather is a must.  This will be my uniform this Fall...lol. 
And let's not forget the mile long bell bottom jeans skimming the pavement, paired with platforms and some sort of crazy bohemian fur vest, topped with a simple gray v-neck!!!  Bring on the Fall weather already!!!  


Kimmy Mhanna / Kimberly Mhanna said...

Wow, that first outfit is amazing. I love the luxurious fur collar on that coat! I can just imagine how soft and cozy it must be.


Marie said...

Love the outfits you have picked out!
Have a wonderful weekend :)
xx Marie

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