Demi + Ann

I'll admit it, I've always loved Demi Moore.  Ever since watching St. Elmo's Fire on repeat in my college room dorm, I've just loved her (it's probably that raspy voice and raven hair).  Demi is one of those awe inspiring (forgive me for saying "older") beauties that really does get better with age.  So this weekend, when I saw the new ad campaign for Ann Taylor, I had to step into the store to see the new looks.    
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and since I was 8 months pregnant last Fall and didn't buy a thing (except elastic waist band pants), I've been re-building my wardrobe this season and having a blast doing it!  The baby weight is gone and it feels really great to get back into some smaller sizes (anyone who has had a baby knows it can be challenging to get back to your old self and at times may seem like you never will - trust me keep working at it and you will!!!).  
To treat myself I purchased this Downtown Cape from Ann Taylor and I love it!!!  It wasn't easy finding the right size since they were practically sold out at every store in Southern California, but I found the last size small (it runs huge) at the Lake Avenue location in my old 'hood in Pasadena (it was 95 degrees out and pretty miserable, but hey, I got my Fall statement piece).  So thanks, Demi, you can still manage to inspire and sell out clothes!    


Amanda Hill said...

I do want a cape this winter! Great one thanks!

Franka said...

I like this camel colors so much!

Greetings from Germany!
♥ Franka

carol said...

Classic and chic....nice cape! Will look fab on you!

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