My Manicure

Fall is here and you know what that means!!!???  Time to break out my Chanel Vamp and deep red hues for my weekly guilty "lunchtime" pleasure, my manicure.  As a working mom, I take my downtime very seriously.  Each week I walk to the same little nail salon in Westwood for a mani and trashy mag reading time.  It really is the best $10 I could spend, for a little me time.  

What's your guilty pleasure? 


Demi + Ann

I'll admit it, I've always loved Demi Moore.  Ever since watching St. Elmo's Fire on repeat in my college room dorm, I've just loved her (it's probably that raspy voice and raven hair).  Demi is one of those awe inspiring (forgive me for saying "older") beauties that really does get better with age.  So this weekend, when I saw the new ad campaign for Ann Taylor, I had to step into the store to see the new looks.    
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and since I was 8 months pregnant last Fall and didn't buy a thing (except elastic waist band pants), I've been re-building my wardrobe this season and having a blast doing it!  The baby weight is gone and it feels really great to get back into some smaller sizes (anyone who has had a baby knows it can be challenging to get back to your old self and at times may seem like you never will - trust me keep working at it and you will!!!).  
To treat myself I purchased this Downtown Cape from Ann Taylor and I love it!!!  It wasn't easy finding the right size since they were practically sold out at every store in Southern California, but I found the last size small (it runs huge) at the Lake Avenue location in my old 'hood in Pasadena (it was 95 degrees out and pretty miserable, but hey, I got my Fall statement piece).  So thanks, Demi, you can still manage to inspire and sell out clothes!    


This Fall

I want to sport this look.  I am head over heels for tans and grays,  cozy neutral colors, and wide legged pants.   This outfit becomes a lot less intimidating, yet unbelievably casual and glamourous with the mix of neutrals and of course topped off with fur (or faux fur for my budget)!
Big chunky cowl neck camel sweater, with big gold watch, lots of chain bracelets, and brown leather is a must.  This will be my uniform this Fall...lol. 
And let's not forget the mile long bell bottom jeans skimming the pavement, paired with platforms and some sort of crazy bohemian fur vest, topped with a simple gray v-neck!!!  Bring on the Fall weather already!!!  


New Favorite Fabric Source

Connect the Blocks-Ebony
After searching the internet for David Hicks' La Fiorentina fabric, I came across this fabulous knock off at only $18 per yard from Spoonflower.  
charcoal dots
As I started browsing their site, I found many of my favorite fabric styles at nearly a fraction of the price the originals cost.  This spotted fabric is one of my favorites that I've been wanting to do for the bench at the foot of my bed.  It reminds me of Snow Leopard that Jan Showers uses frequently in her interiors.  It has such a glamorous vibe and I could totally see lots of gold and black used as accents with this one!  
warm pink ikat
I always love a beautiful pink ikat!  This is such a fun print that adds a comfortable element to any room and a punch of pink is so much fun!
honeycomb (navy)
I love a good graphic geometric shape and this navy color way feels masculine and mature to me, but mixed with a bright pop of pink in a room would be so chic! 
Zig Zag - Noir
Of course I love a black and white chevron so I had to include it.  I adore chevron, one of my first acrylic on canvas paintings I did in Art Class my sophomore year of high school was in this pattern and I still have it.   Every time I see this print, I get happy.    
wild blueberry ikat
This purple ikat is perfect!  Pair it with navy, yellow, brown, black and you have a rich accent for any chair you are recovering.  I want to do this on a pair of Louis style chairs with black painted frames or even on the bed bench.
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