I want this watch.  Oh Hello, again blog friends!!!  Yes I've been completely consumed for the past few weeks with other things like managing a full-time career with motherhood, and balancing it out with lots of leisurely things on the weekends (like shopping)!  I love watches and this Cartier Tank is on my wish list!  I think it's classic, timeless, and elegant.  Jackie O used to wear this style and so did Princess Diana.  I just love the gold face with the Roman numerals and the black crocodile band.

I love how it looks paired on the same arm with a bracelet.  It's so lady like and sophisticated.  Worn daily is totally appropriate for the office, or worn casually paired with jeans and a tee, it even works with a cocktail dress.  Here are some other watch styles and looks that I absolutely love...    
Gold watch, gold bracelets, gold signet ring, utter perfection!
Gucci Westman wears her Cartier Tank with a brown leather band,  and gold signet ring paired with wedding bands.  I love seeing how other people wear their daily jewelry pieces in a unique way.
I love this classic orange Hermes style paired with lots of bracelets!
This one has me swooning!  Big gold watch and an Hermes enamel cuff perfectly complement each other!  I just wish the prices of gold weren't sky rocketing right now because these pieces are almost double what they were a few years ago.
And of course, there's the gold Rolex that is at the top of the price range.  I tried on this bad boy at the Rolex store in Century City and it's a whopping $28k!!!  It's so beautiful though and I love how Posh rocks it!  Digging her chic short 'do, black tee, and leather leggings.  I spy a black and gold Hermes enamel bracelet on her right arm!
Rachel Zoe's men's Cartier watch is gorgeous!  Again, I love how she styles her wedding rings with other cool pieces of jewelry.  Chick has style.


Ann@Glamourshoes said...

A Cartier tank watch has been on my wish list forever! These are beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, we have very similar taste! I love your photos!! Love love!

Kelley in Chicago

Kelley said...

Hope this doesn't post twice. I love love your examples of elegance. So in line with my taste. I'll be repinning a few :).

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the tank from the first picture is the tank solo or the tank louis model?

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