I want this watch.  Oh Hello, again blog friends!!!  Yes I've been completely consumed for the past few weeks with other things like managing a full-time career with motherhood, and balancing it out with lots of leisurely things on the weekends (like shopping)!  I love watches and this Cartier Tank is on my wish list!  I think it's classic, timeless, and elegant.  Jackie O used to wear this style and so did Princess Diana.  I just love the gold face with the Roman numerals and the black crocodile band.

I love how it looks paired on the same arm with a bracelet.  It's so lady like and sophisticated.  Worn daily is totally appropriate for the office, or worn casually paired with jeans and a tee, it even works with a cocktail dress.  Here are some other watch styles and looks that I absolutely love...    
Gold watch, gold bracelets, gold signet ring, utter perfection!
Gucci Westman wears her Cartier Tank with a brown leather band,  and gold signet ring paired with wedding bands.  I love seeing how other people wear their daily jewelry pieces in a unique way.
I love this classic orange Hermes style paired with lots of bracelets!
This one has me swooning!  Big gold watch and an Hermes enamel cuff perfectly complement each other!  I just wish the prices of gold weren't sky rocketing right now because these pieces are almost double what they were a few years ago.
And of course, there's the gold Rolex that is at the top of the price range.  I tried on this bad boy at the Rolex store in Century City and it's a whopping $28k!!!  It's so beautiful though and I love how Posh rocks it!  Digging her chic short 'do, black tee, and leather leggings.  I spy a black and gold Hermes enamel bracelet on her right arm!
Rachel Zoe's men's Cartier watch is gorgeous!  Again, I love how she styles her wedding rings with other cool pieces of jewelry.  Chick has style.


Sunday Funday

Peace out homies, we're off to soak up some sun on the beach, So Cal style!  I hope your enjoying the lazy summer weekend, my favorite time of year!  Tan lines and sun kissed hair are in full effect!  


YSL Arty Ring

I've had my eye on this bad boy for many months now,  and I've finally found they are available online at Saks Fifth Avenue!  The YSL Arty Ring is an absolute statement making stunner!  As you may or may not know, I collect turquoise (and lots of it)!  The combo of gold and turquoise has the best energy and mixes so well with other pieces.  It's the epitome of sophisticated bohemian chic that I love!  Here are a few other YSL styles I adore...  
This look is seriously hot, I love the red, mixed with blue, green and black accents!  I spy a red Hermes cuff bracelet that I'm coveting these days.
Images via Pinterest


Bag of the Day: Mulberry

I've had my eye on a few Mulberry purses for the past few years now.  Then, when I saw Kate Middleton sporting the exact same purse on my wish list, I became even more convinced that I have to have it!     
The Mulberry Polly Push Lock Bag is classic, timeless, and well worth the investment.  Looks like a piece I would carry around for years and the leather looks like it will only get better with age!  Thanks Kate, for inspiring us all, yet again!  (Note to self: buy navy blazer with gold buttons and pair with navy dress and black accessories!)  

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