My Creative Process

You may have noticed, we have a new look around here!  So much has been going on in my life these days, including having this blog redesigned by Jenna of QA Design.  I first came across her work through various bloggers I follow and was quite impressed by the before and after photos of her work.  Here is a before photo of my old blog template...
Although I was very happy with the look of it, I was ready for a change.  I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the elements that served as my inspiration.  After playing around with fonts I knew I wanted to keep a similar look, but kick it up a notch.  I played around with fonts and decided on using Edwardian and BlairMDTT.  I feel the script and print are masculine and feminine, uptown and downtown, both elements of my personality.
Next, deciding on an accent color was a bit challenging for me.  If you have been reading this blog, you know just how much I am loving gold!  Black and white has always been my signature combo, however pushing myself to go with gold was scary at first, but I love how it looks!

I've been seeing gold everywhere these days, so I decided to leave the coral pink behind and just go for it and I'm glad I did!
I love the simplicity of Kelly Wearstler's website.  I think it's good design at it's finest.  It's clean, simple, and serves a purpose, which are all elements of good design in my book.  I love the graphic impact of the black and white with gold accents!

This chain link design from Iomoi is my absolute favorite, so I knew I had to incorporate it somehow into the design.  I wear a gold chain link bracelet everyday, so I thought it would be the perfect element to bring in as an accent.

This Hermes tray that I found online also served as inspiration.  I just love this design!
More gold chains....and below is the actual gold Ralph Lauren chain bracelet that I wear daily. 
I totally think my designer Jenna got it just right!  Now, about my designer, I can not say enough great things about her!  I was a little apprehensive of hiring someone that I didn't know, but decided to just give it a shot and I am ever so grateful for working with her!  She was beyond patient, going back and forth with me, making changes and adjustments.  I am probably not your average client.  I studied Graphic Design in college and in my day job I place designers in creative jobs, so I am very hands on and love being part of the creative process.  I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to the details, so I am ever so thankful for working with Jenna.  Things got a little tense when she was doing the final install because my previous code was acting up, but in the end she figured it out and got everything set up beautifully!  I felt like we really worked as a team to get it all done!  I would highly recommend anyone to work with her and I can't say enough great things about her!


Where I'm at Today: La Dolce Vita

Today I am guest blogging over at Paloma's "Dream Home Series" on La Dolce Vita!!!  I was absolutely thrilled when Paloma asked me to participate, so I immediately got to work compiling all my favorite images from my personal files.  La Dolce Vita was one of the first blogs I started following 3 years ago and through the powers of Social Media have been able to develop a friendship with her.  I admire her fierce eye for style, determination to pursue her dreams, and am constantly inspired by High Gloss Magazine!  Please stop by and say hello!



Off to San Diego!

I'm off to San Diego this weekend for my friend Laura's bachelorette party!  We've known each since we were 11 years old and I can't wait to catch up with my dearest friends!  Life has been pretty crazy around here, hence my lack of blog posts.  As you can see, we have a new look which I will write about next week, I got a promotion at work (which I am beyond thrilled about), and little Barron is on the verge of crawling which keeps me on my toes!  I hope you all enjoy this summer weekend and can't wait to catch up with you next week!



Power Suit

How hot is this red suit???  Even hotter is the blue oxford shirt with the monogrammed pocket, gold buttons, and friendship bracelets!  I just love the ease and comfort of this structured look, yet unbelievably cool and laid back vibe.  It's the perfect balance and this one gets masculine and feminine just right.



 Happy 4th of July and happy 3 day weekend!!!
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