Precious Gems

I've long wanted a diamond solitaire necklace in a bezel setting, so over the weekend I did a little research, and came up with these styles. 
Set in a white gold setting is timeless and would complement my wedding and engagement rings perfectly, but lately I've been a little bored with silver and white gold.  Don't get me wrong, I own a ton of it, but for some reason it isn't quite doing it for me.

Now we're talking!  I love the way it looks set in gold, and I especially love how this looks sitting on a woman's collar bone very delicately.  
I've been slowly adding to my gold collection.  I love my Michael Kors watch and Ralph Lauren bracelets that I layer with it.  For Christmas last year, my husband gave me a really thin gold wedding band that I wear with my white gold engagement ring, and I just love how diamonds look next to gold!
So, this is on my wish list.  I want to wear it everyday, layered with other necklaces like turquoise gemstones set on long gold chains, and I promise to never take it off!   


Sandy said...

I could see myself wearing the beautiful diamond set in the gold chain. Lovely!

The Glam Lamb said...

Love the gold one too! I wear a small diamond 4-leaf clover around my neck every day and it looks great layered with everything! but that diamond solitaire is stunning!
Love this post!

Mandy said...

I am DYING for one of these! I have told my husband for ages that this would be the one piece of jewelry (besides my wedding band) that I would never take off! Let me know if you find a good quality one at a great price!

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