I Got a Gold Chain

I am really having a gold moment these days.  I know, gold is everywhere and everyone is doing it, but I keep catching myself more and more obsessed with this metal.  Bad for me, because it's really gone up in price over the last couple of years (at least the real stuff).  So I decided to check out J. Crew's line of jewelry for inspiration.  Here are a few of my favorite gold (inspired) pieces that I am coveting.....  
I want the necklace up top!  Layered over a turtle neck in the winter or on bare tanned skin in the summer is the perfect year round accessory.  This bracelet would be perfect layered on the same arm with a gold Michael Kors watch.
There is something about the design of the gold chain link that I am in love with.  My Marc Jacobs purse has this killer gold chain link strap (it's unbelievably heavy too!) and lately I've been really inspired by the design of links.  It's so richly feminine done in gold, and sprinkled with diamonds looks even hotter! It gives it a hard core element that I love, yet reminds me of something you'd wear to the country club.
I wear this Ralph Lauren bracelet (below) that I found at Bloomingdale's on sale at Christmas everyday.  It totally works with my other jewelry to give that layered gold look and it's held up pretty nicely.

I mix it up with this new Michael Kors watch that I treated myself to a few weeks ago.  I'm seriously in love!  
For me accessories are key.  I may wear clothes that I have had for a while, but incorporating new accessories is a great way to bring life to old outfits.  If you have the basics, in good neutral colors, you can create a new look with great accessories and this way, people are more likely to notice your personality and signature style.

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