Thirsty Thursdays: French 75

I got my first taste of a French 75 in the hotel bar at The Ritz in Paris back in my 20s and have been hooked ever since.  Here's to Thursdays and the upcoming holiday weekend!  Cheers Everyone!



I Got a Gold Chain

I am really having a gold moment these days.  I know, gold is everywhere and everyone is doing it, but I keep catching myself more and more obsessed with this metal.  Bad for me, because it's really gone up in price over the last couple of years (at least the real stuff).  So I decided to check out J. Crew's line of jewelry for inspiration.  Here are a few of my favorite gold (inspired) pieces that I am coveting.....  
I want the necklace up top!  Layered over a turtle neck in the winter or on bare tanned skin in the summer is the perfect year round accessory.  This bracelet would be perfect layered on the same arm with a gold Michael Kors watch.
There is something about the design of the gold chain link that I am in love with.  My Marc Jacobs purse has this killer gold chain link strap (it's unbelievably heavy too!) and lately I've been really inspired by the design of links.  It's so richly feminine done in gold, and sprinkled with diamonds looks even hotter! It gives it a hard core element that I love, yet reminds me of something you'd wear to the country club.
I wear this Ralph Lauren bracelet (below) that I found at Bloomingdale's on sale at Christmas everyday.  It totally works with my other jewelry to give that layered gold look and it's held up pretty nicely.

I mix it up with this new Michael Kors watch that I treated myself to a few weeks ago.  I'm seriously in love!  
For me accessories are key.  I may wear clothes that I have had for a while, but incorporating new accessories is a great way to bring life to old outfits.  If you have the basics, in good neutral colors, you can create a new look with great accessories and this way, people are more likely to notice your personality and signature style.


Where I'm at Today: The Glam Lamb

Today I am guest blogging over at Hallie's fabulous blog The Glam Lamb!  Be sure to check out her new series "What's On Your Coffee Table."  Hallie was one of the first bloggers I met online!  This girl has some serious style and a great eye.  We always catch ourselves posting about the same things, and we always laugh how we are constantly thinking alike!  We both live in LA and even went to same college (University of Arizona - go 'Cats!)  Take a peek at one of my favorite daily reads and say hello to my girl Hallie!


Inspiring Artist: Caitlin McGauley

Artist Caitlin McGauley has been a favorite of mine the minute I saw her work featured in my old issues of Domino Magazine.  I've loved and admired her paintings for sometime now, and the other day I
stumbled across her new website that you definitely have to check out!  Here are some of my favorites...

 How cute is this one with the orange walls and turquoise couch!?  I love how playfully whimsical these are, yet totally chic.
I'm so impressed and in awe of all the attention to detail.  I studied painting in high school and college and always wanted to be able to interpret a real life setting like this.  Caitlin is so talented! 

She's now selling some of her original artworks and I want one!  When she's not painting for herself, she is also working for some of my favorite brands like Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Hermes.  You can also see her contributing on Lonny's Blog for Watercolor Wednesdays.   I can't wait to see what Caitlin does next!

Images via Caitlin McGauley


I Want These Pants...

Bold printed pants are probably the last thing you would ever see me caught dead in, but I have to say, I'm really feeling these purple ikat ones by Jules Reid!
These hot pink ones aren't bad either!  I LOVE this print, especially paired with turquoise jewelry and a bright pink pedicure!  

Bring on Summer!


Precious Gems

I've long wanted a diamond solitaire necklace in a bezel setting, so over the weekend I did a little research, and came up with these styles. 
Set in a white gold setting is timeless and would complement my wedding and engagement rings perfectly, but lately I've been a little bored with silver and white gold.  Don't get me wrong, I own a ton of it, but for some reason it isn't quite doing it for me.

Now we're talking!  I love the way it looks set in gold, and I especially love how this looks sitting on a woman's collar bone very delicately.  
I've been slowly adding to my gold collection.  I love my Michael Kors watch and Ralph Lauren bracelets that I layer with it.  For Christmas last year, my husband gave me a really thin gold wedding band that I wear with my white gold engagement ring, and I just love how diamonds look next to gold!
So, this is on my wish list.  I want to wear it everyday, layered with other necklaces like turquoise gemstones set on long gold chains, and I promise to never take it off!   


My New Favorite Fabric

A few weeks ago Hallie, over at The Glam Lamb, did a post about Liz Caan, my new favorite interior design crush.  I immediately fell in love with her work, but was even more intrigued by the fabric on the throw pillow, tossed casually in the white chair above with the Hermes blanket.  I later discovered while browsing through the latest issue of Lonny that it's Thomas Paul for Duralee.   
I love anything with a peacock feather!  This pattern in particular is really speaking to me because it's so graphic and packs a punch.  The brown color way Liz used works so well in this interior, it totally can stand alone, but it complements the other pieces in the room so nicely.  I love everything going on in this room!  The bright orange monogrammed pillows, the faux fur blanket, the dog painting, mixed with the mirrored nightstands.  Set against the calming blue walls is absolute perfection in my eyes!
Here are a few other colors of the fabric....
I love this  peacock blue, I would totally upholster a chair in this color...
Love the deep plum too, I could see this one used in a dining room... 
Of course, I love any great neutral with a great pattern!  This one would be my first choice to cover my bench at the foot of my bed.  I'm feeling inspired again!!!


Pinks + Tans

This is, hands down, my most favorite color palette for summer!  Who doesn't look good with tan skin and pink cheeks???  What I love most about this combo is the energy it exudes!  It just screams confident, sexy, woman!  
(the leopard heels aren't bad either)
 Translated into an interior like this is also breath taking!  I love how this wood console comes alive with a pink lamp, paired with this bold piece of art.  I want to re-create that canvas, playing with this color combo - so easy to do!
Bright pink with nudes is so casual, chic, and effortless!
 Loving the zebra with these pink arm chairs and brown curtains.  Looks so easy and comfortable!
 I want that pink purse and those hot pants!
Light pink and tans is so calming...I remember watching this episode of Sarah's House and was so intrigued by this room, it's breath taking!
Hot pink scarf and beautiful tan leather goods with slimming black, doesn't get much better than this!  

top image via Design Darling
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