My new favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is to walk little Barron in the stroller up to San Vicente Blvd. in Brentwood.  First, we grab a grande coffee at the 'Bux and then we stop in for fresh flowers at Whole Foods.  For the last 2 weeks in a row, they've had pink peonies, my favorite flower.   
 Last weekend, I decided to splurge, and went for the $25 peonies!  There's a reason these babies are more money, they are absolutely wonderful!  I am beyond amazed at how gorgeous they are and each day the pink changes colors. 
They are now becoming more of a lighter coral pink.  It's so inspiring to find colors in nature that are so uplifting.  I am loving the energy they have brought into our home this week!

What's your favorite flower?


Jess @ House Sweet Home said...

These photos are beautiful. Peonies are definitely one of my favorite flowers, along with orange roses.

Stephanie said...

Peonies are my all-time favorite! Followed by camelias. Hope you had a wonderful 3-day weekend!


Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} said...

I love the peonies too! Can't wait til I see some available at my local trader joes!

p.s. Are those your leopard ottomans in the first picture? :)

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