Crushing on Commune

I was first stopped dead in my tracks a few years ago when I saw this Hollywood home in Domino Magazine, designed by Commune Design, and have had it in my "dream home" folder ever since.  If someone was to ask me what my dream home looks like, this is the exact picture I would show them.    
I'm constantly browsing real estate websites in search of my dream starter home.  I look at so many and try to envision if they have the potential to be painted dark gray (or black) with white trim and many of them do.  For me, this graphic combo is it!  It's also so easy to do and recreate, yet you rarely see it.  I could totally see a valley Ranch style home or English Colonial in this combo.  
I love how versatile this combo is with many different architectural styles.  The addition of perfectly manicured hedges and crisp white planter pots is simple and chic.  I could totally see doing a yellow or red front door here too! 
For the backyard, I would definitely do chaises with big bold black and white striped cushions!  The water sculpture is beyond!  Seriously, so calming, peaceful, and serene.
Here are a few of my other favorites from Commune....
I am coveting that tan leather Chesterfield sofa!  Another thing to check off the list!

This chilled out Venice Beach pad is speaking to my inner Bohemian...
 ...and this Hollywood loft makes me happy with all the poppy colors!  Notice the yellow curtain?  I've been wanting to do yellow curtains in a room, reminds me of the sunshine pouring into the room!

 Again, I spy the leather Chesterfield and I really dig this Hollywood and Vine loft!
Images via Commune Design and Domino

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