Rebirth of Cool: Kate Lanphear

Why have I not heard of this woman before???  While reading the May issue of ELLE, I was immediately drawn to her edgy and punk rock hair style.   

Kate Lanphear is ELLE's Style Director and one cool chick in my book.  I love her androgynous style and I especially love her hair.  I don't know what it is, but I have always loved this hair cut.  

 I really dig the way she combines elements of 80s glam rock with a modern edge to create a unique look that is hard core.  She just looks tough, but with her soft features, it works.  

 She kind of reminds me of Warhol mixed with Bowie.  
 Ok, this is just too chic for words.  She totally rocks the power suit!

 The all black reminds me of Johnny Cash.

 I want her hair cut.  I would totally be taking a step outside of myself, but these days, I'm feeling courageous to try new things with my look.
I'm married, have a kid, and want to have a little fun experimenting.  I know I'm not 21 anymore, when these styles are a bit more acceptable and experimenting is the norm, but the truth is, I just really don't give a sh#$!!! 
   The only thing is: my husband said he hates short hair on women.  We shall see.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Her haircut is abysmal. I can't imagine that too many straight guys like this shaved on sides train wreck hairdo.

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