No More Waity, Katie

Today is the day we've all been waiting for!!!  Congrats to William and Kate!
Now can we please stop talking about it???
(btw...Harry is my all-time favorite Royal by far!)  


Thirsty Thursdays: Ode to High School

Remember when the party used to end like this? 
 (If you were in high school in the 90s and partied at my house you know what I mean!)

 And we used to want to own one of these??  
(lol The Jerry Garcia days circa '95)
And we used to listen to these??  
(I still have all my old mixed tapes!!!)  
I'll drink to that...

Images via We Heart It


Crushing on Jennifer Ferreira

I came across these photos a while ago and they've been sitting in my "when I design my dream condo/apartment in the city this is how I will do it" folder.  I love everything about this place.  Jennifer Ferreira is the talented designer behind these images and she is currently on my radar for inspiring designers.  Zebra rug, check, Louis style furniture, check, acrylic, check, Mies Van Der Rohe style chaise, check, gold accents, drum shade, espresso wood floors, and Tom Ford coffee table book, check!  

I mean seriously, don't you want to just hang out in this room, listen to music, play the piano, pop some bubbly, and chill, while entertaining your fabulous friends??  I sure as hell do!  And it's kid friendly enough for my little baby Barron to run around or ride his bike when he gets old enough!

I love when guitars are just hanging out in a room screaming "play me!"  My sister (Miss Valentine) and I were just talking about this the other day, that it looks very cool when musical instruments are left out for anyone to play.  I always said that when I have kids, I want them to learn how to play musical instruments.  I took piano lessons for years, but I always admired people who could strum a guitar.

I love the cleanliness of this minimal room.  I've been thinking more and more about living with less.  I've done a ton of cleaning out and organizing trying to create a living space that isn't dominated with "stuff."  I really believe that when you live with less, you are happier.  At times I feel so inundated with society preaching that more is better, that we need more and more to be happy.  I couldn't disagree more!  So with that said, here is my example of the perfect space that exemplifies less is more. 
"Honey, I'm Home!"  I want to just throw my keys and purse down on this little vignette when I get home.  I love white furniture, the color combo white + pink + black and this wallpaper is super cool (I think I've seen it in pink before in Kelly Wearstler's stairway, no??!!)   
Another thing to check off the list - BLACK DOORS!  I have promised myself that one day I will paint every door in my "dream city condo/apartment" black.  How utterly chic, especially with the gold knobs!!!???

Images via Jennifer Ferreira


Mercedes 560 SL Roadster...yes please

It screams L.A. in all its decadent 80s glory! It was my "dream" car during all those silly childhood games of MASH. That was it. Period. For me, it was the ultimate Lady Car, the kind of lady that wore red lipstick, had perfectly manicured nails, didn't think twice about wearing a wrap dress with stilettos, blasted Steely Dan or Don Henley on her tapedeck, lived in a highrise off Sunset, drank gin gimlets, and had a path of Giorgio perfume following her everywhere she went.

I still promise to one day trade in the E350 for the sexy little (almost vintage) Roadster a la American Gigolo style. 

 I'm a child of the 80s, what can I say!!


Carthusia...what I'm wearing today

It's been a while since I dusted off my most treasured bottle of perfume  
Carthusia Mediterraneo.  I've been in the mood to be transported to the island of Capri where scents of lemon, jasmine, magnolia, and fig linger through the mediterranean.  

When Jackie O used to visit the island, she would often stop in at the perfumery and buy a bottle of Capri, her signature scent.

I've been to Italy, but never to Capri.  It's one of my top places to visit - I can't explain it, but I just have a special place in my heart for the Mediteranean.  How great would it be to sit here perched on top of the sea drinking Limoncello??  I can just picture the smells of the island in the air.  

My Capri will have to be in L.A. lounging at my pool, with sunglasses, beach towel, and rag mag in hand.  

God I need a vacation!


Thirsty Thursdays: Margies

Is it Happy Hour yet??!!
Obama is in my 'hood today, traffic is insane, and I feel like drinking.    
I'm totally in the mood for some chips and salsa, stiff margies, and a patio!  
Is it 5 o'clock???

Image via We Heart It


Circus Disco

The Blumarine Spring 2011 ad campaign is straight out of the disco glam era of Studio 54 days and I like it!

I love this leopard number for a night out on the town.  I think it may be a bit too much for the office, or at least, my office, but it's seriously a lady dress!
I think I may like it in aqua better!  
Ok, now I just want to lounge around on a white leather couch in a caftan like this!  Seriously, how glamourous is this???  Better yet, I want to be on a yacht headed to the South of France rocking this look!


Where I'm at Today!

Hello Dear Readers of V+V!!!  I'm a guest contributor today over at Liz's fabulous blog Wallpaper!  Be sure to check out my post for her Beauty Bag Series!  Cheers! 


Rebirth of Cool: Kate Lanphear

Why have I not heard of this woman before???  While reading the May issue of ELLE, I was immediately drawn to her edgy and punk rock hair style.   

Kate Lanphear is ELLE's Style Director and one cool chick in my book.  I love her androgynous style and I especially love her hair.  I don't know what it is, but I have always loved this hair cut.  

 I really dig the way she combines elements of 80s glam rock with a modern edge to create a unique look that is hard core.  She just looks tough, but with her soft features, it works.  

 She kind of reminds me of Warhol mixed with Bowie.  
 Ok, this is just too chic for words.  She totally rocks the power suit!

 The all black reminds me of Johnny Cash.

 I want her hair cut.  I would totally be taking a step outside of myself, but these days, I'm feeling courageous to try new things with my look.
I'm married, have a kid, and want to have a little fun experimenting.  I know I'm not 21 anymore, when these styles are a bit more acceptable and experimenting is the norm, but the truth is, I just really don't give a sh#$!!! 
   The only thing is: my husband said he hates short hair on women.  We shall see.....


Foot Candy

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for summer!  I stumbled across these adorable Missoni Havainas yesterday and they are definitely on my wish list for summer!  How pretty would a bright pink (I'm thinking Nars Schiap) or coral (Essie Lollipop) pedicure look with these boldly printed flip flops on your feet??!!!  I'm on the hunt this weekend to make these mine!


Thirsty Thursdays: Bar Cart

The one downfall of working in Corporate America is you can't wheel out the bar cart at 4pm and make a stiff one.  Well, if I owned the company I would buy "a round of drinks for all my friends!"  

Here's to thursday, the new friday...

What's your poison?


Olivia's Hair

 I don't hate this woman.  Who would have thought that "Olivia from The City" would become a stylish fashion icon???  Not I, of course, but I have since moved on from thinking she was the mean girl tormenting Whitney, to just simply adoring her style, especially that gorgeous hair!  
 I have officially moved on from idolizing Jen Aniston's hair (Ok it only took 15 years)!  My new favorite 'do is a one length shoulder skimming cut a la Ms. Palermo.  
 I think this is one of the chicest hairstyles any woman can pull off and I just love the rich brown color of Olivia's hair.  It's so natural and so stunning and so youthful!  

 I took some pics of Olivia with me when I decided to change up my hair recently.  My hair had gotten really long (I love long hair), and layered, and I felt like I was resembling a Real Housewive of Wherever (if you watch Bravo, you know what I mean - btw, I am obsessed with all the Real Housewives, it's my favorite show, but I just don't want to look like them, especially the OC ones!)  

 So once my bangs grow out, I'm gonna rock this haircut!  I'm all about changing my hair now.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you like this hairstyle?  Is there something you want to do to your hair, but haven't?  I say try something new, experiment, have fun, and break out of your old look!  It's just hair.  It grows!
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