Rebirth of Cool: Blair Eadie

I love the feeling when I discover a new blog.  I recently found Blair Eadie's Atlantic-Pacific and have been enamored ever since.  First, the girl has a certain style that really speaks to me.  I love taking a peek at the ensembles she creates and I especially love her up-dos!  Reminds me of when I was in my 20s, hanging out in San Francisco having the same kind of fearless fun with fashion (my best friend lived on Jones St. and I've even noticed some of these shots are taken around Russian Hill and Shanghai Kelly's).  

Here are some of my favorite looks:    

I am loving this Ralph Lauren blouse, canary yellow cardi, and red flats.  This is totally country club chic that reminds me of something my friend Elizabeth would wear.  Adorable!

Seriously, the dose of purple is perfection!  
As you all know, nude, camels, tans, and black are my favorites!!!  This is probably on my top choice for #1 outfit to covet!
Accessories galore!  I've been collecting since high school and I adore the way Blair pulls all her accessories together.

Simply amazing!  I'm hunting for the perfect white blazer as we speak, this one is just killing it for me!  By the way, Blair's boyfriend is on the other side of the camera lens, snapping all these gorgeous shots!
Where can I find that black and white DVF chevron stripe dress???  I want it pronto!  So gorgeous and the purple faux fur vest and oxford = perfection!  Ok, I'm inspired now to have fun with fashion!

What's on your list to buy for spring???


Marie said...

Wow! I also LOVE that black and white DVF dress. I will probably dream about it tonight! xoxo Marie

Sara Mueller said...

Isnt she spectacular! My wish list for spring is way too long!

Stephanie said...

These photos are totally giving me outfit envy. Love, love, love them all! Thanks for sharing! btw, hope you're enjoying all the joys of mommyhood! :)


simply brookes: said...

just discovered this little lady myself. great strength in layering up. makes me want to head to my closet and do a little atlantic-pacific inspired outfit myself.
thanks for posting.

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