Mom Cave {My Office}

Over the weekend the dining room became my new office.  Our living room is now a living/dining room since we never sat at the table when it was in the dining room and it basically was a waste of space (like most dining rooms are).  My OCD kicked into high gear and I spent all day yesterday cleaning out, rearranging, and organizing.  After a trip to IKEA to pick up some supplies I dove head first into this project.  (I apologize if the pics look grainy, I took them with my new iphone that I love!)  
Here is the room before:  

 I love to collect books so I forced myself to toss the paperbacks (i.e. all the chick lit books I read in my 20s) to make room to store my office supplies.

 I save birthday cards, thank you notes, love letters, and invitations to weddings, which I keep in my old shoe boxes...yes, I am sentimental like that and I just can't bring myself to toss them, which I probably should, but won't. 

I did manage to toss all my old fashion mags a few months ago, so what is left are my beloved Dominos, Elle Decor (I found one from '99 with Lulu DK's pad on the cover!), and House and Garden.    
 Here is the office now!!!  I absolutely love it!  I decided my desk needed to be moved because I wanted a conversation area to hang out in and now I can look out the window.
I purchased the Kassett organizers in white from IKEA which I am madly in love with!  They are cheap, look great, and totally do the job when it comes to organizing all your stuff neatly.  The bottom row looks all black because that's where all my photo albums are stored.  

It's crazy to me how much storage the Expedit offers.  It's seriously one of the best things I have purchased to keep everything in it's place.  I really think every new mom should own one of these for their kid's room because of all the organization it offers - it's the perfect place to store books, diapers, wipes, toys, clothes, etc.  Little Barron is getting one in white when we move!

Notice the swatches of fabric on my Louis Chair (purchased for $50 on Craigslist - it's practically brand new)???  I've been saying for months I'm going to get it reupholstered and I'm finally going to pull the trigger.  I'm painting the frame glossy white and using black ostrich leather for the fabric.  I can't wait to see the finished product!  
Seriously loving my 27" iMac and all of Apple's products for that matter.  They're just really insanely cool! 

I am so in love with my new office aka Mom Cave!


Chelsea Valentine said...

Wow, your new "office" looks fantastic! I think the space is smartly utilized now. You almost created a new room in your 1 bedroom! I can't wait to see it in person. Now I want the 4 X 4 Expedit too. I could really use the storage. I wonder if it will fit. The bamboo stool is going to look killer in white/ostrich. Thank you for your style advice. Love love love the Josephine Desk and Zig Zag Rug!


preciosa la última foto de esa oficina tan ordenada


Sara C. said...

Inspired me to clean up my office space!!

love it....


nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

It looks beautiful! What an improvement, I love everything, that chair and the photo wall...must feel so much better to work in an inpsiring space like this :)

Sarah said...

Look sgreat, so organized and perfect! I'm sure you could spend many an hour in here! I love your Beatles photo on the wall, what a fantastic idea x

Caterina Passarelli said...

Love your office! Where did you get your desk? It's beautiful! :)

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