The Perfect Push Present

If you were reading my blog back in the Fall you may have seen my post about signet rings. I've had a love affair for this classic piece of jewelry since I received my first one from my high school when I was a senior. My husband got me this piece from Tiffany as a push present and I had my son's monogram engraved on the top so I am always reminded of him when I'm wearing it. I'm beyond thrilled at the quality of workmanship of the engraving and the style of the letters turned out just the way I wanted them. If you are interested in buying a signet ring from Tiffany I suggest you do it soon! They told me they will soon be discontinued...bummer!


Lil Ms. Motor Mouth said...

I adore this! I just had a baby and it's so perfect. I'm obsessed with my Flare (accessories) and I know I will cherish this ring for many many years. Thanks for sharing.


Harriet Blair said...

First of all, I really ADORE your blog - thanks!
Second, my hubbie is also getting me this beautiful Tiffany's signet ring, and I can't seem to decide whether I want it for the right pinkie, or for my right ring finger. I'm really curious to know: what's your choice?

Thanks For Sharing,
Harriet Blair

Vanessa Stern said...

Hi Harriet! I bought mine for my right ring finger, however I really do love the look of a signet on your pinkie too! Either way is stylish in my book, but for me, I felt the ring finger was the way to go! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


Patty said...

I wear the Valentine signet I actully bought for myself several years ago. I love the look of a pinky signet and wear mine on my left pinky finger

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