The Baby Diaries: Arriving Soon

The time has finally arrived to welcome our little bundle of joy! I will be signing off for a while, adjusting to life as a new mom, and enjoying the holidays with my family.
May your holidays be filled with peace and joy and I wish you all a very healthy and happy New Year!
I will see you in 2011...Cheers!!!


spunkyduckling @ baby handprint ornament said...

Tell the baby hello for me when he or she comes :) My girlfriend just had hers a few day ago and I have been wondering what to give her and my mom is no help. But i came across some baby keepsake ornaments that are just amazing. How could I have missed these before? Oh your pic looks great by the way. Sexy mommy and tummy. Your belly is rounded - think its a girl but cant tell from the pic. Could be boy too. Well let me know cute mommy :)

Katherine said...

This is so exciting, Vanessa! Congrats & well wishes this holiday season :)

The Glam Lamb said...

you are the cutest pregnant person!!

Danielle said...

best wishes!!! hopefully its a dec 17th arrival..only the best bday ever :)

Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} said...

So exciting! I hope everything goes well with the birth and the baby is healthy. I wish you all the warmth and love of family and friends during this lovely time. :)

Merry Xmas and Happy New Years!



Stephanie said...

How very exciting! Have a wonderful holiday and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!



Sarah said...

Hope all has gone well, can't wait to meet your little bubs in the new year.
Have a wonderful Christmas enjoying every minute of it xxx

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