Pretty Little Things: Kendra Scott

I'm a jewelry girl. I'll take jewelry and expensive handbags any day over clothes and shoes. For me, jewelry is a very personal thing and one of the most unique ways one can express their true style. Every time I put on a favorite piece, I can remember when I got it, where I was at in that particular time in my life, and most often than not, it's something that speaks to me and makes me feel good.

I've had my eye on Kendra Scott's gorgeous little gems for quite sometime now. My 2 favorites (and it's hard to choose) are the 2 styles at the very top. There's nothing that brings more life and energy to a boring outfit than turquoise or green. I just love the way turquoise makes me feel - I think of it as my calling card, my stone, and what I love to wear most.

I love Kendra Scott's pieces because they can easily be incorporated into your daily wardrobe. I would pair any of these styles with jeans, a tee, and pashmina scarf, with my hair in a loose chignon, or dressed up with a cocktail dress for evening.

My other favorite thing about this line is the price. Styles range from $55 to $170! You can't beat that!

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Katherine said...

These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing :)

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