The Baby Diaries: Burberry Diaper Bags

While shopping the 20% off sale going on now at Bloomi's, I was on a mission to find that Burberry shawl I blogged about a few days ago. Then I realized, the baby will be here sooner than I think and I don't even have a diaper bag!!!
So I decided to cruise the purse section instead (really my favorite section of the store over the shoes!). I came across the king of all diaper bags: the Burberry Madison Diaper Tote - pictured below - and fell head over heels in love! My jaw dropped when I saw the price tag of $850!!!

After trying to justify that it's so chic and stylish, I will have it forever, it's a classic, I will use after the baby grows up, I can use it for work, I just couldn't pull the trigger. My brain kicked it and told me, this is a bag for carrying dirty diapers, Cheerios, formula, baby bottles, throw up rags, and pretty much all things gross, therefore I should NOT be spending this kind of money. So, I think I'm back to my first plan of going with the Kate Spade baby bag I found at the Camarillo Outlets and I will treat myself to a fancy purse sometime in the near future - which will probably be a long time from now.

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