The Baby Diaries: Baby Boy Names

I've had a baby name list going since I was about 13 years old. The other day I found one of my old plaid covered journals with some of my favorite names listed in it and I couldn't help but laugh, but also think, I was a pretty forward thinking adolescent since some of the names gained popularity again over the years. I've always preferred names that are preppy, traditional, a little offbeat, a little Brit inspired, and definitely unique, but in a completely NON-TRENDY way. Here are some of my favorites from the past and some I have added over the years.

1. Atherton
2. Addison (the name of the first street I lived on)
3. Asher
4. Alistair (my nephew's name)
5. Beau
6. Blaine (ok, Pretty in Pink inspired)
7. Chadwick
7. Conrad
8. Copeland
9. Carrington
10. Cannon
11. Chapin
12. Claiborne
13. Damien
14. Domenic
15. Drayton (like the Drayton Arms in London - great pub!)
16. Drake
17. Duke
18. Davis
19. Easton (like Bret Ellis)
20. Fletcher
21. Fortune
22. Graham
23. Griffin
24. Hudson
25. Huntington (call him Hunt)
26. Jameson (Valentine is saving this one if she has a boy)
27. Jagger (yes, like Mick)
28. Jake (way too popular now, was my #1)
29. Kingston
30. Lexington (as in Keeneland-my hubby loves horse racing)
31. Mercer
32. Maclaren (LOVE this one for a girl too!)
33. Maxwell
34. Ocean
35. Preston
36. Porter
37. Rad
38. Redmond
39. Remington
40. River
41. Sebastian
42. Sinclair
43. Sloan (love for a girl too)
44. Sayles (my dad's middle name)
45. Sargent
46. Sterling
47. Taylor (popular and trendy)
48. Truesdale
49. Weston
50. William

You won't find the actual name I decided to name my little baby boy soon to arrive on this list! That will be a surprise!


remembertowish said...

Fabulous names! I always thought of Lucca, but we had a girl... My dad's Saint'Clair... love it!

paula said...

how exciting and congrats!

Michelle said...

Oh Sterling! I met a boy named Crash, very cool. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Picking names is so much fun! Pregnancy is such an exciting time!

p.s. I am having a $50 Williams Sonoma gift card giveaway if it interests you! xo

The Glam Lamb said...

that is the best list ever. if and when its my turn - ill keep you posted and you'll have to resend me this list! hahaha1 you are really good. i bet the name you pick is awesome! just added you to my blog roll! yay!! xo

mum said...

Umm well I liked this info...
its very useful
thanks for sharing.


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