Dreamy Drew

Drew is one of those rare creatures who always seems to amaze me with her beautiful transformations. Check out her latest spread in Bazaar...
I am absolutely in love with the creamy nudes, tans, and coral pinks. This palette would make a calming and sophisticated bedroom, especially the peachy tan velvet tufted headboard.
This shot reminds me why Drew is old Hollywood. I love the 60s inspired makeup, very Sharon Tate.
I would love to lounge in this coppery caftan number poolside. The desert colored hues, the jewels, the hair, the nails, just perfect!

She's like a fine wine, she just gets better and better with age.

Images via Harper's Bazaar October 2010
Photos by Mark Seliger


Erica@ Moth Design said...

All gorgeous! I love how she can pull off a completely slouchy, casual look too. Lovely blog! Following. :)


Sarah said...

she looks so gorgeous..

carol said...

She is one of my personal Hollywood favorites and a real beauty to boot!

a lovely being said...

I can not get over how gorgeous she looks in these photos! quite the transformation, if I do say so myself. go drew!

Stephanie said...

Hands down the best set of photos of Drew I've ever seen! Love how it captures her seldom seen glamorous side.


Stephanie said...

Oh and these dresses are to die for! :)


Morgan said...

The lime dress makes me SWOON. I need it in my life!!!

Courtney said...

Agreed! She's gorgeous and I love how she keeps re-inventing her look.

Micaela said...

how GORGEOUS is she? but not just on the outside... i love her contagious personality!

have you seen "going the distance?"

i recommend it :) so cute! but touched my heart.
plus, justin long to boot


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