The Baby Diaries: Stroller Lust Part 2

After testing out a couple of great strollers I've decided to go with the UPPAbaby 2010 Vista Stroller in the color black, or Jake as it's called. This stroller has it all, but what sold me is it weighs less, has an easy one-step fold with or without the seat attached, and comes with an adjustable seat and bassinet and still is priced lower than similar models on the market. Plus, it can grow to accommodate 2 kids when that time comes.

...and for quick trips around town, travel, airplane flights, and to use as a second stroller as the baby gets older, I heart the Baby Jogger City Mini. This one literally can be folded up with one hand and thrown in the trunk, is super lightweight, and any stroller with this little fuss is a must for me!

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