Crushing on Kelly

I first was introduced to Kelly Hoppen's style while working at The David Sutherland Showroom in West Hollywood. Now, I am not one to be a name dropper, but she was THE designer for the Beckham's new LA home....this was back when Posh and Becks were first establishing residency in California.
I soon learned and was pleasantly surprised to see how huge she was across the pond! From residences to hotels, books, textiles, furniture, you name it Kelly has her finger print on it. And she is even married to the Ed Miller, father of my favorite fashionable It Girl Sienna Miller!

Her interiors exude minimalism coolness at it's finest...
...and I love the edge these Louis Chairs have in pink satin with recipes written on them she did for a restaurant. I want to dine here!

1 comment:

Viera said...

One of my favorite English designers.
Her London loft apartment is great.

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