Crushing on Kelly

I first was introduced to Kelly Hoppen's style while working at The David Sutherland Showroom in West Hollywood. Now, I am not one to be a name dropper, but she was THE designer for the Beckham's new LA home....this was back when Posh and Becks were first establishing residency in California.
I soon learned and was pleasantly surprised to see how huge she was across the pond! From residences to hotels, books, textiles, furniture, you name it Kelly has her finger print on it. And she is even married to the Ed Miller, father of my favorite fashionable It Girl Sienna Miller!

Her interiors exude minimalism coolness at it's finest...
...and I love the edge these Louis Chairs have in pink satin with recipes written on them she did for a restaurant. I want to dine here!


Woo hoo for Rue!

If you're like me and waiting with anticipation for the September 16th debut of Rue Magazine wait no longer! Here are a couple of sneak peek's of what's to come!

The lovely Crystal Gentilello over at Plush Palette is the Editor-in-Chief, along with 3 other passionate bloggers Anne Sage, Alaina Kaczmarski, and Caitlin Flemming. You won't want to miss this one!


Chevron Stripe Bathroom

I've always loved Chevron Stripes. I used to always paint this pattern on canvases in black and white, I love the combo of navy and white on a dress, I'll take any color used for throw pillows and I especially love a big rug in this pattern. But the bathroom floor??? I never EVER would have thought of this one and it looks AMAZING! How cool is this pattern when you use marble as the material? I am seriously going to do my next bathroom floor in this pattern with all white walls. So inspiring!!!


Thirsty Thursdays: Pink Champagne

...Because it's pink and bubbly and screams, "Let's celebrate!"
What's your poison?


Oh Suzani!

I found this image some time ago in Canadian House and Home. I can't recall the designer who did this room (if anyone knows, please tell me!), but I have to say it's one of the most creative ways to display a bold print like Donghia's Suzani.
I first became acquainted with this gorgeous print during my time working at The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. I would walk by the Donghia Showroom during lunch breaks and just stare at a dining room vignette that used this print for chairs.
It definitely takes guts and the right execution to pull off this bold pattern to make just the right statement. And I love the combination of anything bohemian and glam all rolled into one. I used the colorway pictured above for my own home.

...and for my sister's place, we went with the blue colorway.

How gorgeous would this print look with aquamarine walls, a camel colored sofa, white rock crystal lamps, and these as accent pillows??!!!


Brown Inspired

I'm feeling inspired by brown again after many months of obsessing over gray and black. Maybe it's because Fall is right around the corner, or I just haven't seen it lately, but brown really is a neutral that can't be beat. Here are some of my favorite inspiring brown rooms...

Room designed by Jan Showers
Loving the brown leather couch and the different textures of fur and animal prints that look so cozy and chic at the same time!

Since I am currently loving anything paisely, this room is my perfect Fall inspiration! Love, love, love the gold frames, brown throw pillows, and rich dark accents. So glam and so comfortably casual at the same time.

Image via A Perfect Gray blog


Let's Celebrate our Makeover!!!

We've got a new look and feel, now let's celebrate! Please stop by and say hello and check out our newly designed website!!! Happy Friday!!! Cheers!


A perfect shade of brown

Note to self: color highlighted hair Frankie Rayder's perfect sunkissed shade of brunette this Fall!


Turquoise + Gold

I can never seem to get enough of this color combo these days - I love it so much I'm even doing my nursery in this color! How utterly chic would it be to own one of Elizabeth's Showers aquamarine stunners??!!

...And I especially love the gold and diamond setting of this one! I think it would make a really nice "push present" hint hint to my husband!

I'm seriously inspired to do a whole room around this color combo! I could put one of these pieces on and never take it off - I'm really lost in their beauty!
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