The Baby Diaries: Baby Bags

No it's not the latest Marc Jacobs, Dooney, Longchamp, or (dream one day) Chanel, but it's the ever classic Kate Spade Baby Bag. I used to despise Kate Spade just for the mere fact that EVERYONE in the late 90s and early 2000s had one and it was so played out, seeing black nylon bags everywhere. Well, styles change and with age so do our tastes and I must say, I am really digging Kate these days. Over the weekend, while shopping at the Camarillo Outlets I found the perfect baby bag that is now on my wish list. Although it's a tough decision, I think I favor The Henry over The Medium Baby.
The Henry in Classic Noel Black

The Medium Baby in Classic Noel Black

How cute would the black and white look hanging on a black stroller?? And the pattern is still chic enough to not scream dirty diaper bag, the patent is stylish and I could see myself using this bag long after the formula and diapers are gone. And I love that Kate includes a baby changing pad, the inside is completely water proof and there are tons of pockets and storage.

For fun I thought I would share my other new favorite Kate's: The Grosgrain Plisse Priti (which means pleating in French - this one is ultra feminine for just enough "ooh la la")

...and the Gold Coast Maryanne. Both are totally gorge, classic in black, and add just enough dash of flair to make an impression!


Sandy said...

Cute! I can just see this darling diaper bag hanging on your stroller. So stylish.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

The HENRY one you chose is one of my faves!! I dont have a baby...but if i DID, THAT'S the one I think I'd get. :)
Super chic.

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