For the love of Birkin

I love a great bag, but would love it even more if it were a big 'ole Birkin! Olivia Palermo above gets it just right! I'm lovin' the leather leggings look topped off with a black Birkin.

Blue and black c'est tre chic! Eva, you look like perfection with above the knee boots, black tights, and boyfriend blazer - even more I am loving the blue Birkin, who needs black??

Ahhhhh my all-time fave: Nicole Richie and Victoria Becks know how to rock the tan Birkin! Posh is sporting my new favorite neutral palette, tan and gray! This combo is super sexy, slimming, and makes everyone look tan so take a lesson...snap, snap!

Or do as Marc Jacobs does and use the Birkin as a beach bag - you go on with your bad self Marc!!!
Mary Kate and Ashley can do no wrong in my fashion book - their Birkin's look a little "tore up" but hey, signs of a really good investment piece, built to last.

1 comment:

Leah said...

Love all your examples here! Olivia looks so good with it! How does she always look so put together and perfect!! Ugh! : )

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