The Baby Diaries: Hot Mommy Car

In case you didn't know I'm 4 months pregnant!!! Hence why my blog posts for the last few months have been a bit scarce...I simply haven't had the energy or inspiration. I'm finally coming out of my haze and I'm officially in "nesting" mode. I've had a thing for station wagons my whole life. I grew up being chauffered around town in a big ole 80s family station wagon and I simply think they are still so chic. My wagon of choice (or estate wagon as they are sometimes referred to) is the E350 Mercedes Benz (or E550 supercharged if you wanna get real ballsy) black on black. They scream hot mommy or if you live in WeHo (gay man who is really into design)! Either way, I love the wagon, and it's on my list of things to buy along with a stroller, car seat, and all the other sh** that comes along with having a baby.


Young + Carefree

Oh how I want to go back to the days (for only one day) of being young and carefree, sipping wine during the day, on the Med in the South of France! How cool does this chick look?


Chic Chandeliers

I was reading one of my new favorite blogs Kaite Armour's The Neotraditionalist and fell in love with her post on these beautiful chandeliers! The photographs are by Christa Kimble that you can order on Etsy! I have always had a thing for a beautiful chandelier and am searching for the perfect one for my dining room. Wouldn't one of these be perfect blown up large and hung in a dining room, over a buffet, or even above your bed??


Fabulous Find: Kelly Wearstler Bench!!!

This morning while sipping my coffee, I decided to cruise Craigslist to see if there was anything interesting. I've been searching for a white farmhouse table and instead was stopped dead in my tracks when I found...score...a Kelly Wearstler bench for the foot of my bed from the Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood!!! I quickly searched the Chamberlain to see other pics and found one of the rooms, and there was the actual bench!

So my husband and I quickly drove over to Hotel Surplus in Van Nuys, CA where they were selling about 30 of them for $130 a pop! After inspecting the quality (each one had light stains from wear and tear) I decided on the perfect one that had no stains. My husband bargained it down to $90 bucks plus tax! Not bad for a bench that is the perfect accent color for our room, complete with silver nail head trim, that requires no paint or fabric recovery (at least not till we move)! I'm so proud of my little weekend find! Take a peek of it in my room...

Here's a close up of the silver nail head trim!

My dresser that I have owned since birth is where I store all my perfumes and my favorite candle in black glass from my client Dayna Decker! More on that later...

My vanity is constantly in the works, but I am slowly adding aqua and pink and just this weekend I hung this gold mirror purchased from IKEA. It definitely looks more expensive than IKEA!!!


My dream starter house...

A couple nights a week my husband and I like to take walks through the back streets of our sleepy Brentwood neighborhood. We always pass by this house and I think it would be the perfect starter house for us! Well, it just went on the market and for a cool $1,325,000 you can have this 2 bedroom 2 bath, 1700 sq. ft home right off Montana Avenue by the Brentwood Country Club!
I can imagine having year long BBQs on this patio and entertaining outdoors all the time! How perfect does the teak furniture look!!?? You can't beat the mild Mediterranean weather complete with the smell of fruit trees and beachy breezes that comes with living on the West Side. It even comes with a guest house that would be perfect for a little design studio! Sigh...a girl can dream!


Aquamarine + Pink

There's nothing more calming or pleasing to the eye than (my favorite colors) aquamarine and pink. I feel inspired to re-style my vanity with these colors, which isn't a hard task to do considering I own so many pieces of aquamarine jewelry. On my vanity re-style checklist: fresh pink peonies, lots of perfume bottles, a graphic print scarf, colorful bangles stashed in a pretty antique dish, a candle, and of course beautiful thank you notes easily accessible for writing a quick little love note.
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