My girl Christine...

...Does it again, and again, and again! Christine Centenera, Fashion Editor and Stylist for Harper's Bazaar Australia can do no wrong in my book! She's my current girl crush - and every time I see her new ensembles I can't help but sing "Who's That Lady??"


Sunday fabulous Sunday...

Nothing makes me happier then a little sunshine and dining al fresco with my lovey!!! So grab a bottle of vino, a thin crust pizza (straight outta the brick oven - make mine Margherita please!!), and enjoy a lazy Sunday! Here's to la dolce vita in Los Angeles and Spring - let the sunshine!


Eclectic, but cool

Something is really speaking to me in this room! I don't know if it's the zig zag rug, the plush faux fur throw, or the pink tufted bed and hot pink bench, but I love it all! Reminds me of my room in high school. It was all over the place with every style I liked - I had traditional Waverly bedding (remember the yellow and blue floral that everyone had?), my modern art that I painted in Art Class decked out every angle of my walls, antique furniture, and lots of girly stuff mixed with just enough masculine pieces to balance it. The person that lives in this room seems just plain cool.


Simply Smashing Kate

We should all take a fashion note from the great Kate and sport a pair of smashing orange leather boots with black jeans, black sweater, black blazer, and orange tinted Sun G's. I'm gonna give her a new name, I'm 'a call her "Bootsie!"


Thirsty Thursdays: Cheers!

Grab a cocktail pronto and let's celebrate! It's 5 o'clock somewhere....


Because they're peonies...

Sometimes there are no other words left to describe something, but just plain pretty!
(source unknown)

Here's to spring that's on it's way and the peonies sure to be in bloom!


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