Pretty Flowers

I love, love, love pink peonies, hydrangeas, camelias, and of course roses. (This pink and black graphic print chair isn't bad either!)

I never thought of arranging single stem roses in chemistry vials, but these take on a very organic life and reminds me that flowers truly are living things that you can enjoy, yet watch fade away right in front of your eyes.
So casual and so uncontrived flowers become arranged in 3s in a pretty glass bowl.
No floral arranging classes required here.

My favorite "vase" by far is an antique tea cup.

What's your favorite flower?


spunkyduckling @ make flowers last longer said...

Funny..but I don't really have a favorite flower. But since I love yellow then I would say sun flowers? I'm still deciding..
Hmm..got some great ideas here for showcasing flowers. Love them all. Thanks.

rupinder said...

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