Green Envy

Lately I've been inspired by all things green. Instead of black, brown, or gray as a base neutral, why not reach for all shades of green for the new neutral??!! You definitely won't go unnoticed in a kelly green number like these ones backstage at the Balmain show Fall 2008. (This color flatters all skin types and is equally stunning on blondes and brunettes!)
The word green has several connotations: one may think "to grow", it can also describe someone who is jealous, sick, or inexperienced. It can also be a slang term for money (and if you're like me CASH RULES!!!) It can also be associated with minerals that have a green color like emeralds, and it seems everyone now days is "Greenwashed" by companies promoting environmentally friendly products.

Love these pretty little green velvet tufted chairs set against an all white room!
Sofia Coppola gets it just right with this little LV clutch - green + gold = understated glamour. (Wow, notice the interesting faucet?? Not sure if I think it's gaudy and gauche or just all out glam!)
I have forever loved this room, especially this olive green tufted bed, mirrored side tables, and the green graphic print gold chair. When can I move in?

I just can't retire from posting about green trellis. Livens up any space and green is my favorite, next to the black!
Green doors are so unexpected, but really dress up this hallway, especially with yellow as an accent color - reminds me of Kate Spade's old perfume box and bottle.
Again, just a little olive green goes a long way in this room - it's so natural with yellow zebra chairs and a black lamp shade to top it off! Again, I am in love with this tufted sofa!
Fromental's Paradiso in green has been on my inspiration list for quite sometime. It really can compliment every color of the rainbow, but again, I love it with yellow!

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My Wonderworld said...

Beautiful pics you have selected!

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