Christmas Decor Inspiration: Cranberries

Make a turkey and cranberry panini with your leftovers that's oozing with savory, sweet, and tart flavors.
Cranberry chutney and cream cheese makes the perfect topping for holiday party nibbles.
Cranberry martinis anyone?

Freeze cranberries in ice cubes for festive bottles and buckets!
Sugar covered cranberries looks like freshly fallen snow. If you're like me and live in LA where it's pretty much sunny year round, this is the perfect way to bring the winter feeling into your home for the holidays.

If my last name started with a "W" this cranberry covered cardboard would look perfect!

The Body Shop sells these beautiful red cranberry candles that smell amazing! I just love how red candles look especially in a dimly lit room.

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Tom Bailey said...

I am sending your blog link to a couple of women I know. You have some interesting things on here.

Thanks for sharing,
Tom Bailey

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