White Tufted Beds

I just can't seem to get enough of white tufted beds with mirrored night stands as accents. I am currently working on redesigning my bedroom and the first piece on my list of purchases is a dreamy, plush white tufted bed. Here are just of few of my favorite styles.
I have found that a head board alone is the most cost effective,
but I am thinking of holding out for a complete bed frame.

I am also getting tired of my dust ruffle always looking messy, and I just love when I check into boutique hotels the bed takes center stage with its clean lines and cozy linens.

I really love the height on this headboard and that it's in cream, all the monochromatic tones of whites and creams looks so soothing in this room.
Gwyneth Paltrow's bedroom is just right in House and Garden Magazine. I especially love the lavender wallpaper set against the pure white bed. My next choice for night stands is all white like the one above. For me, I constantly like to change things up, so white is the perfect choice. Paint, pillows, and accents can come and go, but the white bed frame still packs a punch of drama and coziness.


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

LOVE these! Very intersting, the tufted headboard framed with a metal canopy bed...trying to decide if I like it, but intriguing regardless.

Chelsea Valentine said...

I love Gwyneth's room. It looks so cozy and clean with the white contrast against a lavendar wallpapered wall. You should get one, but one that requires no dust ruffle. I think that look is messy too. Show us what you decide to go with!

sandytefft said...

Saw your blog this morning and it inspired me to hurry up and get my bedroom finished. I won't have the tufted bed frame or the mirrored night stands(how I just love them, maybe someday)since I am working with the furniture I have but I am waiting for a chair to come back from the upholsterer in a black and white houndstooth and I did buy a new comforter today at my favorite fabric store in downtown LA. Thanks for the inspiration!

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