Wedding Wednesdays: Candy Girls

How much fun do these little numbers look!!?? I love to play around with different bridesmaid dresses and styles. There are no rules that all of your best gals need to be matchy-matchy with the same dresses, in the same colors, with the same shoes, hairstyle, and jewelry.

Let everyone's personality shine with a dress that fits their bodies and style, not yours. Let them have a little fun in choosing a dress, they most likely will be paying for it and may want to wear it again. The days of being a bridezilla demanding that everyone look like Stepford wives is definitely passe.

Your bridesmaids will thank you, your guests will have plenty of eye candy to look at while sitting through the (yawn) ceremony, and your pictures I guarantee will look refreshing with a coordinated group, not a cookie cutter group. Because, in the end, all eyes will be on you Miss Bride! Cheers, Mazel Tov, Salud!

Shameless plug of my own bridesmaid dresses by Jim Hjelm.

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