Pretty Little Things: Elizabeth Showers

I'm literally speechless after viewing Jan's daughter, Elizabeth Showers, jewelry line! If you were to look in my jewelry box, you would see countless turquoise pieces that I started collecting in my teens.
From the Native American pieces I picked up on a trip to New Mexico in the 80s, to the countless pieces purchased while in college at the University of Arizona (The Tucson Gem Show is more like it), to the aqua turquoise from Northern Morocco that I purchased in Ibiza, you will understand my deep admiration of this gem.
As I've matured and my tastes and styles have changed, so has my preference for turquoise. The older I've gotten, the more light aqua blue I prefer it to be. I am really favoring it set in gold these days. I used to not care for gold, but I just can't seem to get enough of it. I think it takes a certain personality to wear gold, someone not afraid to really wear jewelry and stand out in the crowd. Gold can look so delicate and on the right skin tone, really make one's self sparkle!

Elizabeth's line is utterly perfect! The jewels, gems, and metals are blended so beautifully it would be hard for any of her pieces to go unnoticed.
Like her mother's line of furniture and accessories, I see many similar qualities in their design aesthetics. Elizabeth's pieces remind me of Jan's lamps, translated perfectly to dress up and put the final touches and details that are sure to make an impression.
I'm so enamored of this aqua marine color! My Christmas wish list is screaming out for one of these little baubles.

My favorite thing about Elizabeth Showers line is that everything can be layered, mixed in with your existing jewelry, go from day to night, jeans to gowns, dressed up or dressed down. For me, that is good design at it's finest.

The energy this necklace is exudes is almost magical. It is said that turquoise has many calming qualities and those who wear it give off good energy. I can just imagine wearing this one with the perfect white tank, white jeans, and brown leather sandals, running around town in L.A. I think I am going to start saving for this one.
I'll choose beautiful jewelry, and beautiful pieces over clothes any day. In the end, jewelry tells a story, conjures up memories, and can be passed down for years to come. For me, jewelry is personal and is the connection to one's soul.


sandytefft said...

Her jewelry is stunning...love the light blue.

Elizabeth Showers said...

Hi! Thank you so much for these sweet compliments! I am very flattered. My mom says you used to work at Sutherlands where her line is carried so we know a lot of the same people. Hope to meet you some day. xoxo Elizabeth

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

How did I miss this post...been busy! This jewelry is beyond incredible, and I love the engagement ring post you did as well. I adore the real stuff, wish my bank account did as well...

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