Finally Friday: Date Night

What a crazy week it has been!!! My new job as a recruiter at The Creative Group is super demanding and non-stop! I have managed to put in 11 hour days, with no lunch breaks, and somehow I have found the strength and stamina to keep on pushing. Friday is finally here, I've painted my nails my favorite shade of Chanel pink called Django, and my hubby and I are off to Mastro's in Beverly Hills to sit in the piano bar, sipping dirty martinis, and eating steak! Because, what good is working hard if you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor. I believe in work hard, play harder! Here's to being employed again and loving every minute of it! I hope your weekend is as rewarding as mine...cheers!


sandytefft said...

Oh...that sounds so good. A dirty grey goose martini and some steak...yum! Enjoy!
Congratulations on making it through a tough week.

Chelsea Valentine said...

My mouth is watering! Yes, cheers to date night! Working hard and playing harder! Have fun kids!

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