Checkered Floors and Black Doors

I have always dreamed of one day having a checkered black and white entryway or kitchen floor laid on the diamond. For me it's always evoked a 20s Deco vibe that I remember in movies like "Mommie Dearest" or "Annie," when she moved in with Daddy Warbucks. It just looks cool, graphic, and interesting. Here are few of my favorite floors and black doors done just right.
Juicy Couture Store
Love, love, love a built in banquette in a kitchen, especially the black and white floor laid on the diamond with white cabinets as accents. (anything oak or wood, get gone!)
The "perfect" entryway a la Lizzy Dinkel Design. How amazingly stunning does the green Chinoiserie wallpaper look peeking out down the hallway??!!
This black door makes a statement with just the right amount of hardware - don't you just love the silver accents, especially the center doorknob?
I have to say, I just adore the pink front door here! This floor reminds me of Spain with the Moorish influences....how casual of the owner to just leave their bike in this grand entryway! I mean, that's just fabulous!
Black glossy walls with white accents and a marble floor is utterly striking in this entryway! It looks so simple, sleek, and chic, yet I can't quite put my head around the fact that I am a bit afraid to try this. I keep thinking to myself, this is what my next project will be, yet I can't get the courage to actually work with black paint! I promise, I promise, I promise to one day paint in black!

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sandytefft said...

I love the checkered floors. We lived in a house once that had white and blue checkered floor and it was so cute. I loved that little cottage house! (You and Valentine weren't on the scene yet!)

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