When your needle finds its groove...

I was raised on vinyl. Growing up, my parents had a stellar sound system set up in our living room and my dad would throw on a great record and literally blast it. The four of us kids would dance around for hours taking turns playing our favorite records. Then Christmas 1988, it all changed when we got our first 5 disc CD changer that my dad hooked up to the system as well.
The vinyl took a backseat to the tiny little discs that seemed so futuristic at the time. By the time I got to high school in the mid 90s, my brother, sisters, and I had managed to collect over a thousand CDs. Every time my friends came over to hang out or for parties, they demanded to hear the vinyl.

The vinyl just sounded so clear, and when the needle first hit the groove of the record, magic happened. I especially loved when it was time to flip the record over to the B-side. You knew you were in for another treat, till it was time to pick another album. They still make music like they used to, but the ritual of listening to an album in it's entirety with your best friends is a thing of the past.

I one day am going to have a set up just like Gucci's Frida Giannini's living room with turntables and records displayed. To me it becomes art and who doesn't love music that is ready to be played at any minute!!??

International DJ Erick Morillo on the decks at Chicago's Spybar
"I can't remember last night"
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles was a constant favorite of mine. I used to stare at this album cover for hours, analyzing and trying to figure out who each of these people were and what The Beatles were singing about. I literally cried at the "Love" show in Las Vegas when I got to see this music come to life before my eyes.
Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. If rock had an opera, this would be it! I can't even begin to count how many times this album got played, again and again and again. It still doesn't get old!

I used to dance to this one when I was 5! I just loved Donna's disco hot pink heels and her big hair and that she was sitting on the radio! "MacArthur Park" and "Bad Girl's" were my top picks and the last dance at my wedding was Donna's "Last Dance."
The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers. This album used to constantly be leaning up against the stereo. It has a little zipper on the front and when unzipped you could see the underwear of whoever's pants these were. I definitely thought this one was fun, but didn't truly appreciate the music till I was much older. "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" is hands down one of my favorites!


sandytefft said...

OMG...your blog brought back so many memories...you guys were brought up in a house full of music. It brought tears to my eyes just reminiscing.

Laura G said...

It brings back so many memories for me too. How much time did we spend in that living room and on that balcony listening to epic tunes? I learned all the words to Dark Side of the Moon from that vinyl. I loved that house and those days. Thanks for the great memories!

Chelsea Valentine said...

Love love love this post! I was just thinking last night, that I can't recall how many mornings I woke up to Dad playing The Beatles, Dark Side, or the Stones every weekend morning. No wonder I'm such a music junkie! The music is timeless and memories I will always cherish!

Dylana said...

Hey, this was a really great read. Great blog you have here!


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