Glamorous Profession: Jan Showers

I was first introduced to the fabulous, and I mean really oh so glamorously fabulous, Jan Showers, while working at The David Sutherland Showroom at the Pacific Design Center. Not only was her product line a favorite of mine, but from time to time she and her husband Jim would stop in the showroom, have lunch with the staff, and would share their glamorous stories of travels to far away places, parties, and interesting people they met along the way.

I loved observing and listening to Jan as she talked about furniture, design, and style. I believe the only words to really describe Jan's outlook on style and life is simply her: Joie de Vivre (translated in English: hearty or carefree enjoyment of life.) I am thrilled that she now has a beautiful new book to add to her repertoire called appropriately enough *Glamorous Rooms* The book is divided into 6 rooms ranging from entry halls, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, private spaces, and outdoor living. Here's a little peak inside:

The foreword is written by Michael Kors where he explains the parallels between exceptional design in the fashion and interior design worlds…

“I think it’s Jan’s great eye for fashion that makes her such an incredible decorator. She always says that people should look great in their rooms, and I love that. Because Jan isn’t creating environments that exist only to be looked at; she’s creating rooms where people want to spend their days and nights. She’s orchestrating someone’s favorite place in the world — not just because of how it looked with that person in it. It’s the same as great fashion design.”

I particularly remember Jan speaking about using personal objects to decorate, especially books. According to Jan, "Nothing adds character to a room as much as a book. There is nothing like a book to truly reflect your passion." In the library above, a wall of books becomes a wall of art.

I am fond of the way Jan uses commodes in entryways. An entryway suddenly becomes more inviting and draws visitors inside.

The Mercer Bench at the foot of this bed is perfect! I just adore the lucite legs and tufting - I want one in sea foam green!

I can't wait to pick up a copy for my own collection and put it on display for all my guests to enjoy!

And now let's take a little tour of my favorite pieces from Jan's Collection...

No. 107
Clark Chair
Every room needs a little dash of zebra - need I say more?

Venetian Series #4 in Turquoise
Turquoise is known for its calming qualities and good energy. This lamp reminds me of my favorite turquoise ring I bought in Ibiza that brings life to anything I wear and strangers are always stopping me asking me where it is from. Like jewelry, this lamp complements many styles and is a statement piece that adds that little punch of something special to any room.
No. 803
Miles Lamp
I mean, are you serious!!?? Just look at the details of of the graining of this gem that has been transformed into a lamp! I can see this piece in my dream vacation home in the foothills of Tucson, AZ. How stunning would this look in a living room with floor to ceiling glass windows with a sunset hitting desert red rocks out the window!!?? All I need are a couple of silk rugs, a caftan (a la Talitha Getty), some Miguel Migs on the decks, a vodka soda with lemon, and I'm set!!!
No. 407
Mercer Bench
Acrylic legs, tufting, 'Nuf said
No. 405
Jan's Commode
Any furniture that is mirrored is a friend of mine!
No. 118
Daphne Chair
I fancy the acrylic legs, but what I love even more about this chair is its size. I want this one for a dressing room or my office. I can just imagine coming home from a night out on the town and throwing my coat and dress on this chair.

*all photos via Jan Showers


Arianna Belle said...

Very beautiful! I've got to get that book!

sandytefft said...

Bought the book today and I love her work.

Melissa said...

I love these interiors! So classy and modern!

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss

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