Why don't you...

...Start a photo collage wall!!! I just love pictures, tons of them, framed with nice white mats, in all kinds of frames, hung perfectly on the wall. I must admit one thing, I hate clutter but I love pictures, which is why a photo collage wall is the perfect place to store all your memories neatly without taking up space on surfaces. You can even switch out your pictures every couple of months, if you like change like I do.

I just love the pastels in this room and the light wood frames. Art work takes on a life of it's own in this space. I just want to plop down on that sofa and listen to the birds chirp outside, it's that serene.
A dining room becomes more conversational with tons of framed photos on the walls and stacks of books. It just breathes conversation and mental stimulation!

The blue hallway above and the bathroom below is courtesy of Schuyler Samperton in Domino. She's a pretty cool chick who knows a thing or two about photo collages. Check out the "bong water" poster on her bathroom wall....this photo collage reminds me of my bedroom walls in high school!
This is a photo wall of matchboxes courtesy of Erika over at Urban Grace Home. What a clever idea for displaying matches you've collected over the years! I have hundreds of these that could be put to good design use!

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Her name was Lola said...

Amazing! I want to start building my own photo collage wall. These images are so inspiring.

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