Fashion Obsession: Fleabags

I was browsing the October issue of Elle Magazine when I came across my new must-have "It bag" for Fall!!! They're called Fleabags ...here is an excerpt from the company website explaining who the creative forces are behind these bags:

BIO: Shira Entis, a fashion designer and lover of all things tiny and over-sized, Alex Bell, a lawyer and seeker of adventures, have been flea market addicts since they met 10 years ago at Brown University. Frustrated by the inconvenience and environmental hazard of accumulating several plastic bags while marketing, they craved a convenient and fashion-hot tote that could fit all of their wares. Fleabags are designed as their ideal solution - dapper, large, lightweight, and sturdy carry-alls - that are also eco-minded. Thus the brand Fleabags began in 2009 while both still worked their day jobs in New York City.

My favorite is the brown and white - it's rugged, casual, and refined and works perfectly with brown riding boots, skinny jeans, gray cardigan, and white T-shirt (my Fall uniform).

The black version is sleek, chic, dressy, yet casual. I want this as my classic little black bag.

Side note: I love that these bags make the statement that, "I'm not trying too hard!" There's no crazy "luxury" logos here, they are well made, stylish, eco-friendly, and serve a purpose.


michelle said...

I love these too!! You can buy them at www.shopprettymommy.com (10 percent off using code pm09)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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