Fabric Lust: Perennials Catwalk Collection

I love a good leopard print. Whether it's a little dose on my shoes, a scarf, throw pillows, a guest towel, or over coat (a la Mrs. Robinson), I can't resist the instant feeling of glamour that is associated with leopard. A few weeks ago, I stopped in to see my dear old co-workers at the David Sutherland Showroom and was introduced to their newest collection appropriately named "Catwalk Collection." I was immediately enamored!

Sophisticat is a true classic leopard print! Mix it with paisleys, pastels, florals, prints, hot pink (my fave), modern, contemporary, and traditional rooms. The best part is it's tough, yet soft all at the same time blending masculinity and femininity to any interior or exterior space.

Crazy Cat is just that! I could see this one in a baby girls nursery, kids room, or on chaise lounges by the pool!
Cool Cat is so subtle and calming, I want to see this on a chaise lounge in my bedroom where I can sprawl out, take a cat nap in the sun, and just leisurely lounge around because I can!

Alley Cat suddenly makes a boring sofa a little more interesting! I love a great neutral base for furniture, why not add spots to a versatile black and brown for personality??? Neutral reinvented!

This luxurious velvet is purr-fectly suited for any indoor or outdoor use. Catwalk's leopard-like pattern is not a print. This innovative quality is the first jacquard-woven outdoor velvet of its kind. Made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, this means that Catwalk is guaranteed by Perennials' 3-year guarantee against fading.


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

LOVE the crazy cat. A little dose would go a long way...Janell

p.s. usually don't care too much for music on a blog but I really love your selections and look forward to hearing what is playing!

p.s.s. Added your blog to my blog roll :)

Chelsea said...

Leopards not cougars! Love the new Perennials collection!

yi(square) said...

amazing post..
i love leopard prints too!!
especially 'sophisticat'..
just can't wait for your next post..

Maria Killam said...

I love leopard prints too!

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